Monday, August 2, 2010

Fun with CND Effects Amethyst Sparkle

Konnichiwa! (That's Japanese for Good Afternoon.) I wanted to play around with layering combinations so I decided to try out CND Effects Amethyst Sparkle. I chose to layer it over Misa That's My Little Secret. I've only worn this colour once and it sort of bored me. It is a medium raspberry creme, applied perfectly in almost one coat. Applying Amethyst Sparkle over this made it much more interesting for me. It transforms it from a plain berry creme to a sparkling red toned purple. It looks very 'fall' to me, which is fitting since its getting closer and closer to that time of year. I don't really coordinate my polish with the seasons all that much. Last winter I was wearing neons! Taking these pictures was painful, it is 105 degrees here with 14 mph winds. The wind isn't cooling either, its hot!

I really love the way this looks, I'm anxious to try Amethyst Sparkle over other colours...I wonder how it would look over yellow? Here is an extra picture I took when I realized the base Misa colour almost matches my car:

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  1. Nice! Would love to have some Misa colors!! I heard it's a great brand.. That color looks good on you! :D

  2. Gorgeous! I bet it would look really cool over yellow. :)

  3. I really should add indoor pictures to this post because indoors it is more purple and is a lot darker.

    @Neenina: I love Misa polishes, all the ones I have apply great and I love the bottle design.

    @Annamax: I will definitely try this over yellow, I'm curious about what will happen. I've never seen a yellow with purple sparkle before.

  4. Hey Serena! Thanks for your comment on my blog post! Your comment has made me re-think my cravings for OPI, it's very frustrating not being able to find them. I really appreciate your rant I'm going to stop looking for the Swiss collection.
    What are the brands that you are focusing on? It'd be great if you could reply back on one of my posts! Thanks :)

  5. Love the layering, and love the car paint comparison, too!

  6. This combo looks awesome! I love a bit of sparkle. :)

  7. Just incredible lacquered look. You wear reds very well. Love it.

  8. Ohh nooo! Not fall! Summer always goes by too soon ahaha! I love the lenght and shape of your nails very nice!!! I need to find some Misa polishes...

  9. very pretty misa! i love the effect the amethyst sparkle gives :)


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