Friday, July 30, 2010

Polish that changes in the sun?

I decided to try out the Del Sol nail polish I purchased a while back. (I got this one at the Del Sol store in Virginia Beach.) I'm not new to Del Sol's nail polishes, a few years ago my mom brought some back for me from San Diego. The one I purchased is a warm hot pink with a bit of gold shimmer in it. In the sun, it turns to a warm purple with gold shimmer. The name of this particular one is Girl's Night Out. I have been thinking of various layering combinations lately and I decided I wanted to try OPI Stars in My Eyes over this one. I didn't even think about if it would change the way the colour looked in the sun, but for the most part it didn't. Here is what the polish looks like indoors: (Excuse the bad indoor picture, I'm not so good at taking pictures indoors..)

And outdoors, it looks like this:

You can get Del Sol nail polishes on there website here:  If you live close to a Del Sol store I recommend buying it there so you can see the colours in person. (And its cheaper to buy them in store.) They are 8 dollars in store and 10 dollars plus shipping online. These polishes are really fun but the formula is thick and they take longer to dry than most polishes. I have two more of these so if you're interested in seeing more let me know.
Layering the OPI over the konad was probably a bad idea because it smeared the design, but I still like it. I really want to do more layering so I will have another layering experiment up soon.

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  1. The Del Sol looks very interesting. I have some sun-activated ones that I got years ago but they're all pale colors when not in the sun. Actually I haven't worn them in a while; I should see if they still work.

  2. The OPI silver really masked the colour change of this one. The ones I have all have really noticeable change. Its much more obvious alone. I'm stupid and forgot to take pictures of it without konad or anything!

  3. Del Sol nail polish is really cool =] I have one in "Calypso" that I got in Myrtle Beach last year. I was really happy that the color change is super quick =]

    Very cute Konad too!


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