Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Scherer Chameleon Blue Sky Duochrome

Today was my first day of school and things went pretty well. I can't believe it's my senior year! I had to cut my nails shorter since I'm in the school orchestra and its impossible to play the violin well with long nails. I was a bit sad at first but I think they still look good. I know this sounds weird but I keep them a little longer on my right hand because I can grip the violin bow better that way. But my left hand has to be short so I can press down on the strings and use vibrato. Anyway, I painted my nails with a polish I bought at Rite Aid before I even started this blog. It's by a brand called Scherer and they call their polishes 'Chameleon'. They all have a pretty strong duochrome, colour changing effect, almost similar to mood rings. This one is called Scherer Chameleon Blue Sky. The name doesn't really fit because blue isn't really the dominant colour in this and it shows up more in the bottle than on the nail.

The application on this polish was dried so quickly that it was difficult to apply cleanly and it streaked. I got it to look decent once I figured out how to work the formula. I also encountered bubbling and major brush strokes. The brush didn't fan out very well either, which also contributed to the brush strokes. Despite all the issues I still think its pretty and an interesting polish. It is also fairly cheap so if you really like colours like this and can deal with the formula this is a fun polish to wear. From far away you don't notice the imperfections so much. The colour changing effect is just as noticeable indoors as it is outdoors. I found these at Rite Aid and I believe they were 2 or 3 dollars. I have a few more of these I might try out...I hope the formula on the others is a bit easier to work with but I'm not expecting much. 

The last two pictures I'm holding my crab apple tree that is in my front yard. I heard from one of my neighbors (who has lived in my neighborhood for a long time) that this tree has been there as long as she could remember. I've never eaten one of the crab apples but one of my friends did a while ago and told me they were sour. This tree blooms bright pink during spring, the petals almost resemble cherry blossoms. 

What do you think of this Chameleon polish? Have you seen or tried these? 
Peace and Love,


  1. Hmm I have seen these in Rite Aid, but I didn't pick any up. There was only one that caught my eye, but since I hadn't heard of them I didn't get it. Have a great senior year! Enjoy it.

  2. Like Janna, I've seen these at RA, but haven't bought any (I like the Color Fever Petites from that brand, though).

  3. Janna and Karen: I really love this colour, it's so interesting to look at. I wish the formula was better though. I have 2 or 3 more of these so I'll post more of them.

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  5. Wow you start school early!!! This polish is pretty cool but I don't think we have this brand in Canada!

  6. Love the color hate the finish :( I love duochromes but they must look perfect after application :)

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  7. I feel the same way..but I really love this colour enough to overlook the flaws. Actually, in person the flaws are not that noticeable. Once it dried completely the bubbles became almost invisible and from far away the brush strokes are less noticeable as well. And I've had several people, including a few guys, notice my polish and say it looked cool. So over the past few days this colour has really grown on me!

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  9. OMG this is such a gorgeous polish! I've got to go hunt this down!

  10. can you give me some more information on the nail polish like pros and cons

  11. Pros: Gorgeous colour, inexpensive.
    Cons: Formula is slightly difficult. Just remember to paint thin, even coats..don't use too many strokes and let each coat dry in between. Availability is another con, I've only seen these at Rite Aid.

    Hope that helped!


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