Sunday, November 28, 2010

Nail Fraud Review

About a week ago Nail Fraud posted on their facebook page that they were giving out one free kit to anyone who sent them an email with their name and address. I had seen Nail Fraud on a blog once and wanted to try them out, so I sent in my information. Yesterday I got them in the mail and decided to use them today. I was sent 1 kit which includes 20 nail 'stickers' and an emery board. The instructions say to clean your nails using acetone or polish remover (regardless of whether or not you have polish on) and fit the stickers on your nails. The set comes with different sizes and for the most part I didn't have trouble fitting them onto my nails. It was a bit difficult to line them up straight and get them on your nails smoothly. I did have a few bumps. These decals are stretchy though so you can pull them to conform to your nails. Pulling them can also help take out creases. Here is how mine turned out:

These reminded me a lot of Incoco nail appliques, except these come in fun patterns. I wanted to like these but there are many things that prevent these from becoming an A+ product for me. The sticker started to come up less than an hour in to wearing these, so I put top coat over them and so far they have stayed. (I've been wearing them for about 3 hours now.) Also, they are a bit difficult to apply and not all your nails will come out perfect. I'm not sure if you can see the imperfections in my nails in the picture. (click to enlarge the images) The packaging says they're fast to apply but this product isn't really any quicker than painting your nails. I will probably keep these on until I get bored with them or they start coming off. Without topcoat, these don't last at all. One thing that bothers me about the website is that the leopard pattern on there doesn't match the one I have, which makes me wonder how accurate their product pictures are.

Pros: Fun patterns, relatively easy to apply once you get the hang of it, comes with more than needed in case you mess up.
Cons: Only available on their website, $12 for one application, inaccurate pictures,  requires topcoat to last for more than an hour.

I'm not really sure if I recommend these or not. They are pricey and I wasn't impressed with the wear (before I applied topcoat) but they are kind of fun and the designs are cute. I'm curious how they compare to Incoco so I might test those out as well. The only reason I haven't yet is because their colour selection (in my local Walgreens) is really unimpressive. I will have a final verdict on the wear of these at the beginning of my next post.

I have been so busy lately with finals, research papers, the holidays, etc. I haven't been able to post two times a week as usual and I haven't been commenting on other blogs either. I will probably only post once a week until Winter Break starts. (December 17th) I can't wait to be off school again...these essays are killing me! >.<

Have you tried Nail Fraud or Incoco? What did you think of them? Do you think they're worth the money? Let me know what you think.

Peace and Love,

Monday, November 22, 2010

Peace On Earth (China Glaze Holiday 2010)

I LOVE THIS COLOUR. I'm really happy China Glaze included this in their 2010 Holiday collection; it is an unusual colour, especially for a Holiday collection. This would be my first olive green polish and I can already tell it won't be my last. I also love the name, Peace on Earth.  About a year ago I probably would have cringed at a colour like this. (That was back when I wouldn't wear anything but purple or teal/turquoise/blue-green on my nails.) skin looks weird in the sunlight. I was catching the last bit of available sun at this point!

Despite my love for this colour, it does have some formula issues. =/ There are very slight brushstrokes and I had a hard time getting this too look even. It has the same troubles many metallic colours have. I used 2-3 coats. Some fingers have two coats, some have three. You might not have these same issues if your application skills are better than mine. The small flaws don't bother me too much though, I love this colour and it is unique in my collection. Plus the bottle has a silver cap! =)

Tomorrow is my last day of school before Thanksgiving Break and I'm excited! I really need a break; school has been tough lately.  I normally like to do 2+ posts a week but that hasn't been happening lately. Hopefully during this break I can get to some of the posts I've been wanting to do. School should be slowing down soon though and before long I will be off for winter break. (December 17th I believe.) My senior year is flying by...

Thanks for reading!
Peace and Love,

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Plum Plaid Nail Art

I love plaid patterns. I can't believe its taken me this long to do plaid on my nails. I used Essence Plum Perfect as a base and used LA Colors Art Deco polishes for the stripes. The sun is setting even earlier now...I did this design immediately when I got home and rushed to take pictures. Unfortunately, I forgot to charge my camera so I almost missed daylight. I charged it enough to where I could take some picture though.

I'm really happy with the way this turned out. There are only 5 lines on each nail: a silver one slightly off centered, a white one on one side, a black one on the other side, and two stripes across the whole nail.

I'm working on a post soon about nail art and the tools I use. I'll probably keep this design on for awhile. Sorry about the lack of posts lately, school and life in general has gotten busier. I can't wait for Thanksgiving Break! I reached 100 followers not too long ago and I just want to say thanks to all of you. When I first started I wasn't sure if anyone would read my blog.

Thanks for reading!
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Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Joe Fresh Cherry Konad

No matter what shade of red I wear I always think it looks odd on me. I used to hate red nail polish and I would refuse to wear it. Now, I don't mind it so much. I didn't like it so much on its own so I stamped a circular patten to the tips of my nails using plate S06. The design even matches the polish bottle.

This is the first Joe Fresh polish I have used, and I had no problems with it. Its a jelly so it took 3 coats to cover. The brush is wide and flat so application is easy. I can't believe Thanksgiving and Christmas are going to be here soon, which also means the school semester will be over soon. I have a feeling my senior year will go by really quickly once the new year starts. I'm already seeing Christmas displays out! Personally, I think Christmas displays should wait until after Thanksgiving.

I appreciate all the interesting feedback regarding the Rush topcoat review. It just goes to show that not all products work for everybody. Speaking of feedback, does anyone have any nail art ideas? Unfortunately I've been lacking inspiration lately. I've also been busy with school stuff too. Let me know in the comments if you do!

Thanks for reading!
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Saturday, November 6, 2010

Fail Topcoat Review (Rush 60 Second High Speed Nail Lacquer)

At the very least all topcoats should give your nails shine and help protect them from wear. A good, basic top coat should also last on nails. This one can't even do that. There are only two positive things I can say about this topcoat: It is inexpensive ($4.99 at Sally's) and it does dry quickly. Other than those two things this topcoat was a complete failure for me. After using up Sally Hansen Insta-Dri, I went to Sally's and picked up this topcoat to try out. When I first used it I wasn't extremely impressed, nor was I disappointed. It dried quickly, left a shiny finish and wasn't too thick. I did notice it was unusually thin and it didn't give as much of a glassy finish as most topcoats I'm used to. I figured I had probably just got used to that from using Seche Vite and Insta Dri so I continued to use it. One thing I noticed about this topcoat is it doesn't last. I painted my nails around noon one day and by 6:00 PM the shine was noticeably diminished. My nails also had that feeling like they didn't have topcoat on them. I painted another coat on that night. At that point I wondered if I would get even halfway through the bottle.

As far as nail art goes, the first few times I used it my design smeared so I always took blog pictures before I used topcoat. Back when I did my Breast Cancer Awareness manicure I started to become fed up. The polish I used in that manicure didn't dry shiny, it had more of a suede finish. (Not completely matte, but slightly.) I noticed the topcoat wearing off with this manicure the most. I painted it on and my nails looked shiny, then 5 hours later they looked dull again. After my Hidden Treasure manicure I decided to get a new topcoat. Flaky polishes usually aren't too gritty but they do have a texture to them. This topcoat did not smooth out that texture.

Pros: Dries quickly, inexpensive
Cons: Topcoat wears off really quickly, defeating the purpose of applying topcoat. Smears nail art. Doesn't give as glassy of a finish as I would like. Not recommended for glitters at all, it wouldn't even make Sally Hansen Hidden Treasure feel smooth.

Have you tried this topcoat? I'm wondering if anyone else has had a bad experience or if it's just me.

EDIT: Just added a box under followers where you can like my facebook page without having to go to facebook. It took me way longer than it should have to figure it out, the code kept messing up. It still doesn't look quite like I wanted it to but it serves its purpose. Plus I'm tired of messing with it.

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Tuesday, November 2, 2010

E.l.f. Metallic Orange Konad + FB page!

Out of all the Elf polishes I got from my aunt awhile back, this one was the one I wasn't quite sure about. I prefer to wear cool toned polishes over warm ones and in my experience orange doesn't look very good on me. This one really impressed me though. It's a metallic pumpkin orange with a pink glow to it. It's really hard to describe and unfortunately my pictures failed to capture it. You can kind of see it in a few of the pictures. I wanted to do some Konad so I used plate S06 and stamped a diagonal line pattern on my nails.

Despite how much I love this colour, it was somewhat streaky and sheer. Three coats evened it out nicely though. I wanted to take a picture of this without Konad but by the time I remembered I had already stamped my left hand! So here is a somewhat awkward picture of my right hand. I'm pretty sure I'll never be photographing my right hand again.. I didn't even notice the bad chip on the middle finger so excuse that.

Pink flash still didn't show up but atleast you can see the pretty pumpkin orange colour! I'm holding my teal-ish pants in that picture, I thought it complemented the orange nicely.

I made a page on facebook! Feel free to "like" the page if you have a facebook. I thought it would be cool to get to talk to you without writing a blog post. I'm in the process of uploading all my current pictures on there and feel free to share your own manicures as well. =)

Peace and Love,