Thursday, July 15, 2010

OPI What's With The Cattitude? + Konad M73

Konad take two! This is my second attempt at doing some Konad designs on my nails and I am really pleased with how I did. This is only my second attempt at Konad and I decided to try a full nail design. First I painted my nails with OPI What's With The Cattitude?, a pastel-ish sky blue. In my photos it appears much brighter for some reason. I find that odd because these pictures were taken outdoors in stormy weather. The indoor picture is more colour accurate but still slightly off. Anyway, then I used Konad White Special nail polish and stamped a flowery design with plate M73.

Like I said earlier I am really happy with how this turned out. I didn't expect my second attempt to turn out this well. Its not perfect by any means but I still like it! The Konad design effectively masked the horrible application of this polish. I don't think its OPI's formula that is at fault, I think it is the brushes on the OPI minis. I've never had good luck applying with them. When my nails dry they do look slightly better though.

 Do any of you have any nail polish storage tips? I have about 70 or so nail polishes and my current storage is not working. A few bottles of nail polish are just lying around because I don't have a place for them. Right now the majority of my polishes are in an old Sephora box that was lying around the house. Back when I had about 20 or so polishes I thought it would work great. Currently I think it is holding 65 nail polishes, which is way more than I thought I could squeeze in there! If you have any storage suggestions I would really appreciate them.

Peace and Love,


  1. Courtney BrentonJuly 15, 2010 at 6:55 PM

    This is absolutely fabulous...WOW! Your best yet :) Keep rockin it!!!!

  2. this looks so neat! Also love that baby-blue OPI-shade!

  3. I love these stamps. i need to look for them.

  4. You can find these stamps at if you're interested. I ordered from there and it only took 3 business days to get to me. Shipping is free for orders over 20 dollars as well.

  5. Cute manicure! Love the combo of blue and the white konading =)

    I have about 140+ polishes at the moment (haven't inventoried for awhile) and I store them in clear plastic containers which works great.

  6. Nice Konad!

    I store my polish in Helmers from IKEA now, but before that I just had a variety of plastic tackle boxes and shoe boxes piled up everywhere.

  7. So pretty!I keep my polishes in a plastic shoebox with some of that rubbery shelf liner stuff at the bottom (so they don't slide around). The ones that don't fit in there I keep in those little sectioned cardboard boxes that my polishes come in when I order online, etc.

  8. do you NEED the konad nail polish for the designs to work effectivly????????/


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