Saturday, November 6, 2010

Fail Topcoat Review (Rush 60 Second High Speed Nail Lacquer)

At the very least all topcoats should give your nails shine and help protect them from wear. A good, basic top coat should also last on nails. This one can't even do that. There are only two positive things I can say about this topcoat: It is inexpensive ($4.99 at Sally's) and it does dry quickly. Other than those two things this topcoat was a complete failure for me. After using up Sally Hansen Insta-Dri, I went to Sally's and picked up this topcoat to try out. When I first used it I wasn't extremely impressed, nor was I disappointed. It dried quickly, left a shiny finish and wasn't too thick. I did notice it was unusually thin and it didn't give as much of a glassy finish as most topcoats I'm used to. I figured I had probably just got used to that from using Seche Vite and Insta Dri so I continued to use it. One thing I noticed about this topcoat is it doesn't last. I painted my nails around noon one day and by 6:00 PM the shine was noticeably diminished. My nails also had that feeling like they didn't have topcoat on them. I painted another coat on that night. At that point I wondered if I would get even halfway through the bottle.

As far as nail art goes, the first few times I used it my design smeared so I always took blog pictures before I used topcoat. Back when I did my Breast Cancer Awareness manicure I started to become fed up. The polish I used in that manicure didn't dry shiny, it had more of a suede finish. (Not completely matte, but slightly.) I noticed the topcoat wearing off with this manicure the most. I painted it on and my nails looked shiny, then 5 hours later they looked dull again. After my Hidden Treasure manicure I decided to get a new topcoat. Flaky polishes usually aren't too gritty but they do have a texture to them. This topcoat did not smooth out that texture.

Pros: Dries quickly, inexpensive
Cons: Topcoat wears off really quickly, defeating the purpose of applying topcoat. Smears nail art. Doesn't give as glassy of a finish as I would like. Not recommended for glitters at all, it wouldn't even make Sally Hansen Hidden Treasure feel smooth.

Have you tried this topcoat? I'm wondering if anyone else has had a bad experience or if it's just me.

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  1. That sucks that you had a bad experience!
    I really liked made my manis shiny, and I think it lasted a while. In the summer, I was on vacation, used it on a zoya mani, and only had to change my polish once that week. My only problem is that when it finally started to thicken, it didn't respond well to thinner.

    But body chemistry can mess with topcoats, so maybe yours just doesn't work with this topcoat. I'm the same way with the China Glaze topcoat...everyone loves it and it never works for me. :(

    I hope you can find something that you like soon!!

  2. @Chaos Butterfly- I have started using a different topcoat and so far it is working good. Body chemistry might be the problem with this one. It just didn't work out. Thanks for commenting!

  3. That sounds yucky, I hate bad nail polish! It's just the worst, there's usually no way you can make it work. I haven't tried that brand, but I'm not very knowledgeable on good top coats. I use the Rimmel one that doubles as a base coat. I really like it, it has a wide flat brush that makes it easy to paint it on quickly.

  4. I use a whole bunch of different top coats for different manicures. It's kind of embarrassing how many base and top coats are sitting on top of my nightstand...

    I like to use Rush for whenever I wear creams or shimmers during the week (when I remove my polish every night). I like it just fine for that, because it does the job. I also like the tiny brush, but I'm partial to things like that. I also really like Out the Door for everyday, too, because it's rather inexpensive. I only use Seche Vite if the polish I'm wearing is a glitter/flakie, or on my pedicures. Seche shrinks like nobody's business on me (so much that it ruins my manicures), so while I love how it looks for the first couple hours, I despise it after that.

    Out the Door has definitely taken the spot of my favorite new top coat. It's a thin coat that stays shiny, dries with relative quickness, and doesn't shrink on me! <3

  5. @Anna - This one is pretty much unworkable for me. I can't think of anything it would be good for. I prefer wide, flat brushes as well and this one has the smallest, flimsiest brush I have ever seen.

    @Erin - I'll have to try Out the Door sometime. I may have to have multiple top coats too if I can't find one that suits all my needs. It may just be impossible to find a perfect top coat. I never have issues with Seche shrinking but it does get thick often so that is why its not my favourite top coat. Also, for certain manicures I don't always want to use it. It is perfect for Konad and nail art though.

  6. I haven't tried the Rush; as long as Sally Hansen keeps making the Insta Dri one I'll use that (though I do have a few others I dabble with from time to time, mostly stuff I've gotten free with purchases).


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