Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Giveaway Goodies! (and a small rant..)

My giveaway goodies have finally arrived! Getting this package definitely brightened my day. =) This package came from Smita, I won her 100 followers giveaway. My pictures aren't so great, I would have taken them outdoors but I missed the sunlight today!

Here are the things I won:

L'Oreal Paris Ocean Breeze
GOSH Flamingo
GOSH Black Passion
GOSH Ocean
OPI Blue My Mind
Nicole by OPI Respect the World
Joe Fresh Mint
Joe Fresh Powder Blue
Joe Fresh Cherry
Sephora Top Coat
Essence Colour and Go No More Drama
Essence Nail Art Stickers

She also sent me candy!

So..which should I wear first?

I actually have some bad news I wanted to address real quick. I've been reading Kelly's blog (Vampy Varnish) for awhile now and I always enjoy her posts. Today she found out someone was stealing her content and reposting it on a site called Luuux. When I visited the thief's "blog" on the site I noticed Kelly wasn't the only beauty blogger she was stealing from. Polish Addict, Scrangie, ALU, Polish Mayhem, the Nailphile, and a few others were also on there. The worst part about this is that she is getting 'Luuux credits' that she can use to redeem prizes. It makes me sick that she is gaining from other peoples hard work. I encourage you to check out this Luuux site and report any instances of plagarism you see on there.  (As well as check to see if your content is being stolen) She isn't just reposting pictures, but blog entries! Kelly wrote her own post on the topic which has additional details. Now she is reposting recipes that are obviously from another website. Here is where all the polish/beauty entries are:  http://www.luuux.com/members/kelly-brennan?page=10 Don't comment on her posts because she gets luuux credits when you do. Just click the report button.

I can't believe she is doing this, even when confronted she still stands by what she is doing. I personally would never steal content like this. It can't possibly be rewarding for her to receive comments on a post she didn't create..

Alright, rant over... What do you think about all this?

Peace and Love,


  1. Congratulations on your goodies. I can't wait to see pics. :D

    I think what is going on over at Luuux is disgusting. I followed a link that Vampy Varnish posted and was flabbergasted. The outright plagiarism that so many of the posters is committing is criminal. It has to be stopped.

  2. i say Gosh Black Passion first - tis the season

    first Diana now Kelly
    the dirty thieves steal from the great ones

  3. Several different people have stolen posts from Diana...its unbelievable. Diana and Kelly's blog (as well as other blogs) have inspired me to create my own blog. I would never think of stealing their hard work.

  4. I followed your link and read about Vampy Varnish's post. I'm glad they shut the girl down, but what's terrible is that she felt no remorse for plagiarizing. . . I mean,seriously?!

  5. you didn't ask this...but I think you should eat the maynards first =) they're my fav

  6. @shortwidenails I'm eating them right now actually! We don't have these in America so its interesting to get to try them.

  7. I found the solution to our stolen content on luuux and am telling as many people as I can. Here are directions for removal: http://www.luuux.com/dmca

    The copyright dept is polite and responsive. They were apologetic and have promptly remove everything I reported. They took down the entire page for each. I hope that helps someone else!


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