Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Coffin shaped nail polish bottles? Fright Night Claw Polish - Toxic

When I first saw these coffin shaped polishes on Jen's blog (the Polish-Aholic), I had to go to Wal Mart and look for them. It took me awhile to find them because my Wal Mart is extremely inconsistent about where they put the Halloween stuff. Some of it was in the clothing aisle, but most of it was in the back near where the car stuff is. They had several different colours: a glittering red, a creme red, black, orange, black and orange bar glitter in a clear base, and a metallic emerald green. I chose the emerald green, Toxic, and the black and orange glitter that didn't have a name sticker.

I decided to use the emerald green first. The colour selection on these isn't mind blowing or anything; Its the coffin shaped bottles that made me want to pick up a few! Holding the trapezoid shaped top is a bit awkward at first but its not too bad. I wasn't expecting great application with these but they applied well. I only needed two coats and the brush wasn't too thin either.

The colour is gorgeous, the application was fairly easy, and the bottles are to die for. These cost 3 dollars each and are only available at Wal Mart. Next post I'll be showing the black and orange string glitter. Its definitely nowhere close to Fortune Teller. This one has different shaped glitter (rectangular, not circular and hexagonal) and it definitely can't be worn on its own. (I did a three coat swatch on paper and it didn't come close to being opaque enough.)

Any application issues you see in the pictures are due to Seche Vite... both it and my bottle of Insta Dri aren't working anymore. They're thick, stringy and leave streaks and bubbles. Any quick dry top coat recommendations? I was really pleased with Insta Dri and Seche until they went bad on me before I even finished them! I want to see if I can find any quick dry topcoat that works better so if you know a good one let me know. =)

Peace and Love,


  1. I love this green.

  2. looks great, glad you found them!

  3. wow.. thats really gorgeous polish bottle.. i want it too..

  4. Looking forward to seeing your orange and black swatches; Meijer doesn't have that one.

    I've had good luck using nail polish thinner in my SH Insta Dri top coat when it starts to get goopy.

  5. Aww, I didn't see this one when I bought mine. I got the black and orange glitter...I love it! This green is fun!


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