Monday, September 27, 2010

A nail art tribute to my kitties!

I appreciate all the support and comments I received in my last post! I've been doing well, much better than I thought I would. I read over my last post and realized it had some verb tense issues. I originally wrote that post before she passed, on Friday. I planned to post it before we had her put to sleep but couldn't find the pictures. (Turns out I was looking on the wrong flash drive!) Then I put the pictures in the post I had written but didn't fix the verb tenses. Just wanted to clear that up, I didn't really proofread that post at all.

 Friday night I was really upset and I wanted to take my mind off things so I did this manicure with paw prints. The base is Misa Cherry Topping and the paw print was done using a thin artist brush dipped in black polish. Cherry Topping has a jelly finish but is opaque in 3 coats.

I thought it would be appropriate to take pictures of my nails with Misty but cats aren't always cooperative in front of a camera. I did manage to get one decent shot though.

Maybe she likes to be viewed from the side? =P And here is a mess up one, just for fun. My nails are out of focus...

Once again, thanks for all the sweet comments. =)
Thanks for reading!
Peace and Love,


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