Friday, September 17, 2010

Matte Glitter

How is everyone's Friday? I'm writing this post from class because I won't have any time to this evening.  I also took this picture really quick at school before I went in, so its not my best but you get the idea. Since I haven't yet bought any of the China Glaze Halloween colours I decided to wear last years colour, Fortune Teller. Seeing Halloween displays at Walgreens got me in the Halloween spirit. Last year Scrangie showed this colour matte, so I wanted to try it out. Matte glitter looks really cool, I'll have to try this with other glitter polishes! 

I got a few weird looks taking pictures of my nails in front of the school. =P Next post will be Cosmic Blue, because it looks so neat in the bottle and a few of you said you wanted to see that one next. 

Does anyone know of a colour similar to the base colour of Chanel Paradoxal? I'm looking to make a  'Paradoxal but my way' layering combination. Any help is appreciated. =)

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  1. I was thinking Color Club's new color Positively Posh would be close, but I'm not entirely sure. Hope this helps a bit!


  2. I've heard the the Sephora OPI Metro Chic is similar or if you can get a hold of it Model's Own purple-grey is considered a dupe for the paradoxal base colour hope that helps!


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