Wednesday, January 26, 2011

沢 - "Swamp" - China Glaze Zombie Zest

China Glaze Zombie Zest is one of those "ugly pretty" colours. Its also a colour I would have never worn on my nails a year ago. Thankfully, my horizons are a little more broad. Zombie Zest is pretty sheer; After applying the first coat I thought I would surely need four coats! I only used three though and it turned out fine. I think it looks best in the shade so I didn't take any direct sunlight pictures of it.

Zombie Zest is from China Glaze's Halloween 2010 collection. I didn't get it until the beginning of January though. Sally's had it on clearance for 2.99. Zombie Zest is the perfect name for this polish. In addition to zombies, it reminds me of moss and swamps. I can't say I've received compliments on this colour...more like odd stares!

I feel a lot better throat still feels a tiny bit sore and I still have a cough. I went to the doctor after five days of being sick and learned I got the flu. (My first flu believe it or not!) Unfortunately in order to start flu medicine you need to go to the doctor within the first 3 days so they couldn't do much for me. They did prescribe a heavy duty cough medicine for me but its disgusting. I missed a lot of school last week so I have some catching up to do - not fun at all!

Do you like "ugly pretty" colours?
Peace and Love,


  1. I'm all for ugly pretty colors :D Looks great on you and your nails are beautiful.

    I have not tried my Zombie Zest yet O_O

  2. that collection never came to Sally PuertoRico, im so mad -__-'

  3. I liked Zombie Zest a lot more than I expected to when I wore it. I'm still not a fan of ugly pretty on my toes but have learned to like them on my hands (though sometimes I err and end up with just ugly, like Barielle Aura Angora--looked like poop on me).

  4. i thinks it's more pretty than ugly ! haha


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